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Hazmat/Spill Training for the Workplace

This course is designed for all work locations to give a general understanding of their requirements should a spill occur on site. Objective: To give the participant the initial grounding and skills that are required of someone filling this position in the work place.
Course Content:

  • Types of Spills
  • Effects of chemicals & safety considerations
  • Dealing with differing spills
  • Practical demonstration of spill equipment on site      More Here

Confined Space Rescue Entry Training

This course is designed for all work locations where personal have cause to enter areas which have restricted means of entry or exit, eg: manholes, drains shafts etc’ or areas which may have inadequate ventilation, eg: silos, ducts, tanks etc.

To give the participant the initial grounding and skills that are required of someone responsible for or conducting such activities.

Session includes both theoretical and practical demonstration.The sessions will involve some physical components and students are to be made aware of this prior to training commencing.
Course Content:

  • Acts & Regulations and Industry Standards
  • Hazard Identification / Atmospheric Monitoring
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Entry & Rescue Equipment/Techniques
  • Lowering and Raising Systems

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Location: Client Premises Duration:
Duration:  45min.
To give the participant both the theoretical & practical training required to carry out rescue and evacuation of their work location safely.
Course Content:

  • Theoretical component to conducting safe lifts and carries
  • Fire Panel identification
  • Methods of rescue
  • Evaluation of evacuation exercise

Every year many people die or are seriously injured due to fires at work. Besides the loss of life and other human costs, fire costs business millions dollars, from damage to property, loss of business, fines, compensation claims and insurance  premiums. 

A serious fire could be the end for a small business. Many fires are avoidable by taking fire precautions. If a fire does break out, the effects can be minimised by having effective controls and procedures in place. ProFire specializes in providing these services to your company whether you have 5 employees or 5000 employees, we can help.

Location: Client Premises
Duration: 2 Days.
Intended for:A comprehensive rescue program is offered that is designed to equip employees with fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to provide appropriate emergency response for the control and mitigation of confined space rescue incidents, and effectively operate and maintain a range of resources. This Competency Based Training Program has been developed to meet the Australian Standards Framework Level 3 and / or Australian Fire Competency Level 2. Fully accredited instructors deliver the training with extensive experience in rescue operations..

Our Company


Profire Fire Safety Services has been established since 1994 and operates from its facilities in the Eastern Suburbs, together with well-equipped training vehicles.
We are continuing to expand at a rapid rate and are geared to growing and generating employment in the region. We offer a wide range of fire protection services to the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors and to fire brigades. This ensures that, as well as helping our clients comply with Standards and Statutory requirements; we provide a high level of safety, peace of mind and protection of lives and assets.


  • Training: Nationally Accredited training and Certificates issued on completion
  • Extensive range of both 2-D and 3-D CAD evacuation plans
  • Supply of fire hoses, fire blankets and smoke detectors
  • Supply of all portable fire equipment and accessories
  • Testing of fire hoses, reels, hydrants and extinguishers etc
  • Hydrostatic testing and re-charging of all fire extinguishers
  • On-site servicing and maintenance of building fire protection services.


  The Directors combine over 17 years experience, including firefighter experience. Our personnel maintain their professional knowledge and are keen to keep our clients informed of the leading edge of Fire Protection technology. Our service technicians are also Accredited by the Country Fire Authority in Fire Equipment Maintenance, and are also either accredited, or currently going through Accreditation, in National Competency Standards for Portable Fire Extinguisher Service Technician with the Fire Protection Association of Australia.
All of our instructors are qualified as Cert IV Workplace Trainers & Assessors, registered with the Fire Protection Association of Australia and all our personnel are trained to at least Workplace First Aid Level 2 Senior level.
Work is performed to Australian Standards, and we are Corporate Members of the Fire Protection Association of Australia. Finally, our extinguisher testing facility is accredited by Australian Standards as a Licensed Testing Station for all types of pressure vessels.

Naturally, we carry full, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance and all clients'' equipment is fully covered while being tested, stored on our premises or in transit..