Client Premises.


45 Minutes.

Intended for:

This course is designed for all work locations and intended for anyone who may receive a Bomb Threat (eg Receptionist) or who may be involved in a search of a building or the evacuation of the building.


Gives the participant an understanding in dealing with a bomb and to give a good general awareness of what to expect and what to be aware of in the event of a Bomb Threat and importantly how to deal with a threat real or hoax.

Course Content:

  • Understanding what a Bomb Threat is

  • Fire Safety Awareness

  • Explosive types & familiarisation. Practical familiarisation

  • Emergency response procedures to a threat

  • Evacuation procedures

  • Bomb Threat Video

Class size up to 20 students.

This course falls under the non-accredited training category

Training notes and Certificates can also be supplied if requested.