Client Premises


1 hour 30 Minutes.

Intended for:

Members of an Emergency Response Team or Fire Crew who may well be first on scene at any incident which may occur in the work place.


To give the members of the Emergency Response Team a sound knowledge of hoses and water supply and to ensure they receive the practical training required to deal with any emergency which may occur at their work location.

Subject Content:

  •  Standpipe/Hydrant - Description

  •  Millcock - Description

  • Adaptors & Matching pieces

  • Different size and types of hose, eg 64mm & 38mm

  • Types of branches and applications of each

  • Storage & care of hose

  • Handling of hose

  • Safety involved with hose handling

  • Procedure for hose drill

Class size up to 20 students.

This course falls under the non-accredited training category