Client Premises or Training Centre.

1 Hour 25 min.

Intended for:

This course is designed for all work locations to give good general Fire Awareness knowledge and Extinguisher training to all staff at the location.


To give the participant the initial grounding and skills that are required of someone filling this position in the work place.

Course Content:

  • Elements of combustion and types of fires
  • Types of fire extinguishers, extinguishing agents & safety considerations
  • Basic fire safety and firefighting skills
  • Practical operation of extinguishers by students when possible. If not, a Video on extinguishers is used for demonstration

Extinguishers included in the practical demonstration are:

  • Water stored pressure type x 1
  • Dry chemical type x 1
  • Foam type x 1
  • Other types may be substituted to suit clients needs

Class size up to 20 students.

This course falls under the non-accredited training category